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on the role of virginia in the election and a history of the african-american vote in virginia. we will also be joined by editor in chief of the washington monthly to discuss recent articles in the magazine examining the consumer financial protection bureau. live on c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> i watched c-span every time, especially when i really pay attention the most. any time something is going on i want to watch c-span because they typically have the best, most unbiased view of whatever is happening. if i want to get spun in a circle of watch one of the other news organizations. i love c-span. watch on tv, on line. if something's going on now want to know what's happening al west and to c-span. don't know that i have a favorite show. for me it is always just anytime i need to know what's going on i know that c-span will have the real story of what's been happening. >> jeff trick watch is c-span on direct tv, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> a new report from the center for american progress look
carolina, 200,008, 14,000 in virginia. saving of 100,000 votes could turn this election. secondly, when you look at the congressman, they, the price to those, i think we need to have a two-pronged strategy. we have to fight to chase a loss, all we need to do everything we need to devote this year so where we cannot turn around like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan, we can still vote because if they could take no right to vote and stand appearance and get beaten by john lewis of those they william, them what excuse to we have that we cannot give a couple of ideas and go to the polls? we cannot be that lazy. we cannot do we have to do this november. as much as we are of raised we need to have a strategy that we are there to mccourt to be proactive and deal with it. lastly and that you put me on this side is a what the conservatives. i am trying to conserve the voting rights act. i am trying to conserve -- i'm trying to conserve the civil rights act. the radicals of those that are trying to have a radical departure from what made this country great. we are trying to insert the country. other
at a game in four paragraphs in ohio, yesterday. literally all night. ohio yesterday, virginia today and tomorrow pennsylvania, saturday in florida. so for a battleground state. thanks for saying that before we go to calls. the things we been saying is we want these debate moderators to our respect, my colleague, mr. lehrer, ms. crowley of cnn before distinguished americans can give us the responsibility to shepherd and to heard. we want them to the poverty on the agenda. in 2008 obama mccain, the were poor or poverty did not come up on time in three debates. obama did we say, mccain didn't raise it. moderators never asked about it. fast-forward four years am at the numbers, today comes a situation where by now. we cannot abide another campaign season where the issue doesn't get discussed. i call him my colleagues never where we go with this issue. we must raise the issues starting with jim lehrer and the first debate october 3rd. >> host: tavis smiley, cornell west, deborah is in cincinnati ohio. he ran the "washington journal" with our two guests. >> good morning, gentlemen. >> goo
virginia primary, same two contenders, and it is almost like a stalking horse. he's kind of a stalking horse for lyndon johnson. >> what does that mean? >> and fellow who is kind of, you know, saying he is operating on his own, but really at the behest of someone else. hopefully he had wanted on his own to be president. obviously, but lyndon johnson wanted it even more. because lyndon johnson once power more than anyone ever. the lyndon johnson always wants to do it in an indirect way that is back in the cloak room sort of way, and he's going to get the nomination, that's how he go and get it. it is not enter any primaries. he enters the democrat race like a week before the convention convenes in los angeles. you know, he almost pulls back. he almost pulls it off. jack kennedy is not nominated until, what is the? until they call the roll on wyoming. >> now, there is no state that begins with z. those two primaries, jack kennedy's father doesn't want him to enter wisconsin, he thinks it is dangerous. but that is a good pick for him because it is the most heavily catholic state in the mi
grant lois just attack head-on throw which results in casualties with the army of virginia. for me it is a little more calculating. but you can argue back and forth and works out terrible mistakes at pearl harbor. but we always see there's antithetical. historians want to make much of the delay between them. but there's a problem, why does it grant ever fire the guy? the only grant estimated its holder to the surrender at appomattox to get their in the actual surrender ceremony, but he's quite a ways away. so we're wrapping up. it is a gentleman, thank you very much. [applause] >> your government and mind can be as powerful as the governments wanted to be. and sometimes we talk about the u.n. as it, as they distance ourselves. by doing that, they're responsible for action or inaction, an alibi secretary general. but one of my predecessors used to say that we often refer to the general as shot in doesn't stand for secretary-general. it stands for a scapegoat. so there is a scapegoat action. here's a scapegoat function of the human. but member states and the media have to be very car
in the southern story of virginia and maryland and the chesapeake colonies. and in all of those places, but the important but at the time very minor exception of rhode island, you had a belief in a single church and you have enforcement of the single religion. maryland was a bit of an exception, also because that had a catholic over a largely protestant. but the majority in virginia, within new england along to one single church. and people who would not or could not fit in with that system would have to flee and some would go to maryland. a few went to rhode island. but a number of people from new england came to be another land, make became much more congenial and much more prosperous place to be than rhode island. >> professor haefeli from what you teach at columbia? >> the american revolution, native american history also very important for the early american experience in the american experience as a whole. and also american religious history. >> how do you research 300-year-old religious history? >> you start with other research that other people have done and were very reliant o
the standards which lost. totally funded by the brothers. legislation in west virginia to overturn the new mining state laws that were put in place after that last mine disaster. the effort to overturn mining safety regulations, funded by the brothers. i have, in the book, page with 53 different organizations. a lot of them, by the way, research centers on college campuses run the country, all for the purpose of disputing the existence of global warming and fighting to do away with any government regulations, nothing to do with climate control. fifty-seven different organizations that i was able to find that our either partially or totally funded by the brothers. the region is so great that someone has called them. [indiscernible] bank of all arms out there. and they don't do it alone. they get together twice a year with their corporate buddies from around the country and raise money for white -- right wing political causes. two days before the book came out, i was so happy this happened because i could tell people, i'm not exaggerating. i'm not making this up. they had their latest in pal
, surface ships, disorders, or aircraft carriers, are you going to buy submarines, like the virginia class submarines. it's not clear. it targeted the number of 15 ships per year. the third area of difference, and this is a little bit -- the water is a little more murky as the drawdown to afghanistan. the president has said that online for 2014. not entirely clear what that means and 2014 and how many chips you believe in afghanistan. it seems if anything, there might be an incentive to accelerate that drawdown. not to move the timeline up, but move the floor to floor it and then lowers we drop to a lower number for 2014 and beyond. i haven't seen the stated policy, but that is the information right now. romney has criticized the plan. setting the date of 2014 and the fact that we are already starting to draw down forces in afghanistan today. that implies that romney would slow the drawdown. in specifics about what he would do. of course, the obama campaign to mention that romney did not mention afghanistan at all during his convention speech. that highlights is not a major area of disagre
.s. is officially not sending arms directly to the opposition. >> host: will go to my pasco west virginia. independent called adair, robert, you are on the air. >> caller: gas, i have always been struck that there is only one country in which the population is majority sunni and the rulers our minority shiite. and it struck me that the most influential of the alawite, which is really a slimmer group of the shiite, not too unlike the extreme al qaeda being a slimmer group of the sunnis. >> host: albright, david lesch. >> guest: the alawite is a minority group, or 10% to 13% in many of the regime leaders and the governor met and the security apparatus alone. but she know, the shower would not survive it was only alawite support. the assad's over the decades have been able to co-opt different factors of the country. other minorities, christians make up for 9% 10% in many secular sunni arabs a man in the business committee have co-opted into supporting the regime. of course the majority of the population in syria today is about 75% sunni, 65% sunni area. the rest are sunni kurdish. again, man
to in virginia was saying she was happy to take a job at the low end of the latter just to have something, but that she could not get hired and that she felt like she was being discriminated against and that why would they want to hire someone who will only be there for a few years before they retired. it would rather hire a interpersonal potential is there longer. >> on twitter, per household income, not spending and will not spend as long as obama is in office. we are talking about your household economy as we look at national numbers and see turns over the past year and prior decades to that with our two guests. next telephone call is from houston, and this is kathy who was on the line. go ahead. >> thank you. okay. i live in houston. this is a right to work state. we call it right to work for food stamps. they hire you up to 37 hours a week so they don't give the benefits of vacation or holidays. what america has to know we have saudi arabia economy. give everything to the rich and keep your fingers crossed the might trickle-down minute. you know what we got? we got legalize corporate
from voting and there's clear evidence that problem. one example comes from tennessee for virginia lasater had voted and worked on campaigns for 70 years. when she went to the the tennessee department of motor vehicles to get a photo i.d. and she saw a line of 100 people before her. she was physically unable to wait them out online without sitting down and she departed without getting her photo i.d. women in general, all duly went and in particular are disproportionately harmed by these laws. in some instances they voted for decades they are required to obtain birth certificates and wedding licenses in order to prove who they are. in a catch-22? unitive voter i.d. to get the birth certificate and a birth certificate to get photo i.d. ms cases there are costs and delays involved with getting this evidence, especially if you're not living in the state where you were born or married. even veterans have not escaped from these requirements. in ohio, paul carroll, retired world war ii veteran has lived in the same ohio town for four decades. but was denied a chance to vote because his ne
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11